The end of summer doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Here are some shades to brighten up your home for the coming seasons.

Colours for the season

Red velvet is the colour of royalty. This shade looks especially good near a window and is better as an extra to your décor. If you’re looking for a grandiose appeal, focus on curtains and cushions for decadence.

Emerald green is one of the most popular colours in the world, and for the right reasons. Autumn is perhaps nature’s most beautiful time, and nothing symbolises that more than this rich dramatic shade. Like red, it works perfectly as an accompanying colour.

Marrs Green is the colour to buy right now. In fact, it has even been voted the world’s favourite colour. It’s between turquoise and blue and can bring light and life to your room.

Teal is a neutral colour that works in most combinations. It’s a mix of blue and turquoise and has a subtle, yet lightening effect.

Blue will always be a favourite colour and it works well for a striking look. If you’re not a fan of conventional décor, then blue could be the perfect way to add some vibrancy to your walls.

Dark tones aren’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you have to use dramatic shades. Lilac may seem more like a bedroom colour, but when paired with grey it can add simplistic elegance. It is subtle, yet it can change according to the light.

Decor ideas

If you’re going for a complete change, why not look further than your walls? From adding accessories, to more dramatic moves you can make your home your own this winter. For people in Dublin windows and doors are usually just something that comes with the house. However, selecting a door with a teal, grey or even blue shade could change the feel of your home. Many companies offer a selection of doors and windows, including

You don’t have to stick to one shade. If you’re feeling adventurous why not try colour blocking? It’s a trend perfect for winter because it’ll add some much-needed life to your walls.

With so many different shades and ideas, you can turn your home into a haven.