You might have a bike and wish to ship it. However, you are not really sure on how to ship bikes. At times, the steaming charges are too much to bear. It is during these times that you must find out way to ship you bikes in a cost effective manner. This will not pinch your pocket and at the same time will ensure that your bikes are shipped in the most feasible way. Most of the times, the mass of the canister you are steaming that dictates the cost of steaming. Here you must be assure that the mass of the canister you are steaming your bikes in should be made small. Detach the handles, the pedals, seat, the front wheel and then pump out the air from the tyres. 

How to go about it

  • Firstly, you must compare and contrast the prices offered by different steaming providers. This should be done to see which one is the most economic one. There are companies such as USPS and FedEx that can ship bikes to locations of your choice for a price that is commensurate with the destination. Other services such as Bikeflights and Sports Express are experts in bike supplying. Make assure to calculate the dimensions of your bikes and hence go about checking how each provider will charge you for the delivery.
  • The next step would be to print out the steaming mark. This can done by yourself. Simply compute the price and print and then pay for the steaming either through your credit/debit cards or netbanking. Then, log on to the webpages of the organisations you wish to avail and fill up the details regarding the series. Always stick to the steaming mark of the vessel in a secure way. Just go over to the front part of the mark and cover it with a strip such that the mark does not get damaged when in transport. In case, you cannot do this on your own, just look on for a nearby steaming services. Ensure that you have the destination you want to ship your bikes to, is mentioned, because there are steaming companies that would not ship your bikes until and unless the sides of the steaming marks are firmly striped onto the container
  • Thirdly, this is when you would need to take your bikes to the steaming service, pay the fee and then hand them over for steaming. They will examine the mass of the box and measure it for you before giving you details of how much it will price.


So, now that you want to ship bikes to a destination of your choice, we believe that this would not be difficult for you. Your bike can be shipped to any destination of your choice. You simply need to find the right steaming provider, check the details with them, do all that is mentioned above, pay the fee and ship your bike. This might sound difficult, but it is not. Happy steaming!