Wooden Garden Furniture: Resilient and Attractive

Wooden garden furniture seems to be the most popular kind of garden furniture, and this has come about for several reasons. Not only is it attractive, it is the practical option: the ideal material for the resilience and functionality needed to make the most of garden furniture. Plastic furniture is not very sturdy or attractive, and blows over easily.

You may be familiar with the sound of these chairs clattering across the patio because you have forgotten to store them after use. Metal furniture won’t blow away, but it also has its weaknesses: it will eventually rust and weaken, and it is heat-sensitive, too cold in low temperatures and too hot in high ones.

With these benefits over its cheaper counterparts, wooden garden furniture has become the more popular option: an attractive, functional, and hardwearing solution, providing lovers of the outdoors with furniture which serves this purpose properly. With fourteen years’ experience, Chic Teak have the knowledge, skill, and resources to produce stunning garden furniture, crafting their pieces from the heartwood of the finest A grade teak. From this wood, they create a huge range of products, such as planters, benches, recliners, chairs, tables, and more: everything you need to create a coherent, enjoyable garden.

This teak garden furniture can be delivered fully assembled to any home across the United Kingdom, taking away the headache of store-bought, self-assemble sets, which also tend to be of lower quality, not crafted with the same care, experience, and dedication. By coupling this quality teak garden furniture with the cushions and coverings available on the company’s site, you can turn your garden into an extension of your home in the fairer months, safe in the knowledge that your furniture is resilient enough to survive the wintry weather, too. This is what makes teak a worthwhile investment that will last season after season.

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