Beauty skin care range for new mothers

A company specialising in beauty skin care for expectant and new mothers has been enjoying great market success.
Since launching body care range Mama Mio, Sian Sutherland is now taking in nearly £3.1 million every year.
The company’s first body care product, Tummy Rub was released over five years ago in 2005 and racked up sales of over half a million dollars in its first year.
Sian developed the idea for a beauty skin care range just for new mums when she was pregnant with her son, Charlie.
Speaking to website she explains: “I love my kids, but they ruined my body so I thought about developing a range for new mothers to help them look great when pregnant.”
With so many body care products available to buy on the market, the 49 year old joined forces with her friends to launch the brand.
With the body care expertise from business partner Kathy Miller who was working as a beauty brand developer and the market knowledge from former Harrods buyer, Tanya Mackay, the trio decided to launch the brand in the United States as well as in the UK.
Now available both online and in 1800 stores in countries around the world, the brand can boast celebrity fans such as Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez as mums who have used the products themselves.  It also takes almost a third of its business from the website with a great reliance on customer testimonials to help sell the products to new users.
Describing it as the most selfish brand in the world, Sian adds: “We still design very new product selfishly, making only things we’d want to use ourselves. And now we’re well into our forties, we’re interested in high performance products that will help us defy gravity.”

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