‘More people’ travelling for cosmetic surgery abroad

The popularity of surgical procedures designed to enhance people’s appearances has been rising in general over recent years.
Advances in technology and the increasing affordability of such operations are two factors behind the trend.

Commenting on the issue of those who travel for cosmetic surgery abroad, the International Business Times noted that the phenomenon is becoming more prevalent.

Some of those seeking treatment opt for breast enlargement abroad, while others go for dental work, fat removal or other procedures.

The publication stated: “Medical tourism gives medical tourists worldwide an opportunity to get the best quality treatment. Mainly patients who need cosmetic plastic surgery, medical surgery and dental surgery travel to other countries to get treatment [at a] lower cost.”

It added that as well as price, another important draw of cosmetic surgery abroad is the “immediate availability of procedures”.

Also, sometimes the unavailability of certain procedures in consumers’ home countries causes them to go elsewhere to make the most of a breast enlargement abroad, or other such services.

The news source also noted that the popularity of medical tourism is likely to continue to increase.

It remarked: “The rate of growth of this industry that has been showing a northward trend in the last couple of years.”

Indeed, competition among operators in the sector is strong and it is possible for consumers to get good deals on surgical procedures.

Also, people tend to get other details of their trips organised by the firms, such as accommodation and transport connections. This makes the process easier to cope with.

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