Car sellers ‘should make sure their accessories are in order’

When individuals sell their cars, they want to get the best possible price for them. After all, this can help them upgrade to a better and newer model or the money can be used for other purposes.

This may be particularly the case at present given the tough nature of the economic climate.

There are a number of ways in which people selling their vehicles can ensure they get more money.

Writing on the, Botchi Santos noted that any car accessories that have been added, potentially including car speakers, need to be checked and tidied.

He pointed out that if drivers invest in such extras but do not take the time to make sure all the wiring and other aspects are completed to a high standard, they could put potential buyers off.

Mr Santos added: “So you added a killer audio system, added auxiliary gauges, boost controller and a turbo-timer … and they work great.

“Now, gently remove the carpet and dash panels and wrap them all up in protective wire conduit with a good measure of electrical tape thrown in for free. Now hide them carefully underneath the carpet and dash panels and secure them in place with zip ties.”

Making such additions to car accessories such as car speakers is worth it because possible buyers have been known to walk off at the sight of “spider-web wiring” in the cabin and on the dashboard, he claimed.

It may be advisable to have a professional automotive electrician remove all excess wiring, the writer went on to suggest.

He also pointed out that there are other things motorists should do before selling their cars.

For example, they need to make sure all their paperwork in order. Also, it pays off to make sure the vehicle smells good when people come to look round it, he advised.

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