Working from a garden studio ‘can be beneficial’

These days an increasing number of people are performing their professional roles from home. Not only does this mean that they are able to avoid the twice-daily commute to the office, but it can also help them be more productive and achieve a better work-life balance.

Therefore, garden studios and garden offices can be seen as a valuable addition to a property.

According to writer Ashley Ault, operating from an outside space like this can also enhance health.

He noted that they come in a range of designs, meaning there is likely to be something suited to most people.

Mr Ault remarked: “Garden studios come in all shapes, sizes and specifications to suit all business and office needs.”

He added that they are “not just a way to stop that daily commute for employees of larger companies but are perfect for freelance workers, start-up businesses and virtual companies who wish to run a cost effective work place”.

They can be designed to include meeting rooms, beauty rooms, changing rooms and many other things, he claimed.

The writer also suggested that nearly seven in ten motorists would work from home if they were given the option. This is in part due to the fact that they spend an average of £454 a year on fuel just to cover their trips to and from the office.

However, operating from their own residences can be tricky and cause inconvenience if they do not have a dedicated space, he pointed out.

He concluded: “Having a garden studio designed and installed keeps your work in one room in the garden meaning your work life and home life are kept separate.”

Some people also find it easier to operate from an area that is detached from their home because they are not distracted by others around them.

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