Garden rooms ‘should be kept secure’

A rising number of consumers are taking advantage of garden rooms by adding the features to their outside spaces.Whether they be garden offices or any other such construction, these buildings can really make a difference to a home.

They can provide those residing at the property with more space to complete tasks in and, if they are used for work purposes, they allow individuals to achieve a sense of separation between their jobs and their homes.

However, as with any other type of possession, outdoor areas need to be kept secure.

This was demonstrated recently by a spate of burglaries in the south of England.

According to a report on Get Surrey, residents in the county have been warned to keep their outbuildings safe.  The message, which came from the police, was given after more than £1,000 worth of garden products were stolen in a total of six incidents.

All of the crimes occurred on Hamlash Lane in Frensham.

Responding to the developments, Waverley crime reduction advisor John Robini said people should remain on the look out for any suspicious behaviour.

He added: “Homeowners should always check on their security whether this be for their houses, outbuildings or cars.”

Among the items that were taken were bolt croppers, lawn mowers, a leaf blower and hedge cutters.

According to the local police, individuals should keep their garden rooms alarmed and padlocked as this should help to deter potential thieves.

Mr Robini commented: “I would encourage everyone to be vigilant following this trail of crime and to report to Surrey Police anyone seen acting suspiciously in their neighbourhood.”

While items that are stolen from gardens can often be claimed for on insurance policies, the experience of being targeted by criminals in this way can be traumatic for victims and it also requires them to go through a potentially lengthy claims process.

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