Effective, reliable, affordable website hosting by EUKHost

If you are thinking of setting up a new website, or moving to a new web hosting company it can be easy to feel somewhat bombarded: the internet, the computer press, and even the daily press, are full of tempting adverts for apparently amazing hosting deals.

However, you need to take care when trying to find a hosting company that’s the right fit for both you, your website, and your company.

Many web hosting companies will offer 100% uptime for unbelievably low prices. Such an uptime guarantee is simply not feasible for the money. Other companies may skimp on support, perhaps only offering email support, which can be woefully inadequate particularly if your site is commercial, and you have customers getting impatient. Then again, some less reputable firms will not have the resources to provide a 24/7 support operation, which is essential to users who take their sites seriously.

Such companies could well offer surprisingly cheap packages which are short on features, providing restricted bandwidth, and a miserly disk space allocation.

However, such companies are relatively easy to spot: the tell-tale signs can include a poorly constructed website, heavy on bargains but short on informative content; not revealing on the site how long the company has been in business; scant mention of regular backup policies; lack of industry awards and plaudits.

On the other hand, should you choose web hosting by EUKHost you will experience none of these failings. We have been in business for a decade, and have built up a loyal, long-standing client base, including business running large-scale commercial sites. Here at EUKHost, with two hosting industry awards behind us, we guarantee our clients affordable website hosting packages, combining great value with the highest quality. Furthermore with website hosting by EUKHost our feature-packed starter packages come with 24/7 technical support available by phone or email.

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