Owning a website – Your personal home on the internet.

When the internet was first becoming a global phenomenon in the mid 1990s, personal home pages were all the rage. It was common for enthusiasts to invest in web authoring software and create sites which became an online representation of themselves. Some might argue that these personal home pages have been somewhat superseded by personal pages on social networking sites, such as Facebook and MySpace.

Whilst there may something in this argument, there is still plenty of mileage in creating your own website. Here are some of the numerous benefits of a personal website.

– A truly personal web address: in combination with your domain name, your site will be a unique representation of you on the internet: literally, your home on the web. On the other hand, a personal page on a social networking site will always advertise the name of that site as part of its URL.

– Artistic freedom: With your own website, the world’s your oyster, when it comes to designing for it. You can create and apply your own backgrounds and navigational style, without being restricted to templates which comply with the requirements of a social site.

– An unrestricted showcase for your talents. Whilst some social sites enable you to upload multimedia, there are sometimes restrictions, especially in terms of what file types can be used. With a personal website, you can showcase your talents, with whatever file types most suit your users.

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