How dedicated hosting can benefit your website

If you are running a busy website, it’s a good idea to check your statistics reports on a weekly basis. The stats software that comes with web hosting by EUKHost, for instance, will give you a good idea of how well your site is handling current traffic.

For instance, you need to be sure that your users do not have to wait too long for your site to respond when they click links – this can be a sure sign of an overloaded site. If it does turn out that you need more bandwidth, hard disk space, and RAM then you may want to consider dedicated server hosting.

A dedicated server is a physical server devoted entirely to your site – no sharing with other sites is involved. Dedicated servers are suitable for high-traffic, mission-critical websites, sites which need to give great response times to users downloading rich media or making online purchases.

With a dedicated server your site will not be competing for server resources alongside neighbouring sites on the server. Your site is therefore freed up to handle surges in demand, perhaps as a result of a successful viral marketing campaign. If you are offering a popular video on your site, with a dedicated server, the site will be able to sustain multiple simultaneous downloads of the item, without users noticing any significant delays.

With dedicated server website hosting by EUKHost you will be given complete administrative control of your server. You can run as many web sites as you require from the server, and your IT specialists will be able to customise the machine as you choose.

With dedicated hosting by EUKHost, you can choose either a Windows or Linux server operating system – whichever suits you’re requirements. Dedicated server web hosting by EUKHost also provides professional, expert technical support, customised to your choice of dedicated server.

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