Reseller web hosting – the basics

Web hosting can be a rewarding business for those willing to provide a reliable, high-quality, dedicated service. However, not everyone interested in web hosting wants to be involved in the logistics of purchasing equipment, setting up a data centre, hiring staff – all the varied tasks of establishing technology business.

It is still possible, however, to have a part in the web hosting industry without all these overheads: and this is through a respected business practice known as “reseller hosting”.

In a reseller arrangement, an individual, company, or budding entrepreneur rents space on a server with an established web hosting company such as EUKHost. The reseller proceeds to sell on this web space to their customers, at their own chosen prices, with their own branding and personal touches.

Should you choose to go down the reseller path, you will find that affordable UK website hosting through EUKHost is completely anonymous. Your customers will not know that you are renting our server space.

Reselling is not suited to everybody – it requires dedication, patience, whilst the best resellers charge sensible prices, making a fair profit.

However, for those wanting to give reselling a try, it has many benefits. For instance, if you are a web design company, a reselling package, offering web hosting by EUKHost enables you to give a 360 degree deal to your customers: Registering the domain, designing the site, then offering a comprehensive hosting package as the icing on the cake. This can be a really attractive proposition to clients looking for a zero-hassle website creation and hosting service. Meanwhile, for enthusiastic entrepreneurs, web hosting can bring a fair and reasonable profit, so long as you play fair with your customers.

What’s more, with reselling web hosting by EUKHost your customers can benefit directly from our brilliant technical support service. You can redirect your client’s support emails to us, and they won’t know they are interacting with the EUKHost support service.

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