Your head in the clouds – the benefits of cloud hosting

Just as the internet is continually evolving and developing, so the web hosting industry keeps pace, with its own exciting developments. One such innovation, currently attracting a lot of enthusiastic attention is, cloud hosting.

‘Cloud computing’ is internet-based computing, in which the resources from numerous computers, perhaps geographically dispersed, are harnessed then supplied as demanded to clients, in the same way that electricity is supplied through a grid. Cloud web hosting is based on cloud computing. A web site hosted in a cloud hosting environment will be sited on a virtual server, with this virtual server pulling its resources (software, hardware, network, bandwidth resources) simultaneously from any number of physical servers. These physical servers are elegantly, and robustly hitched together, to form a cloud.

This model has the dream combination of resilience and flexibility. Should one server in one data centre go down, the other servers seamlessly kick in, and take over, with the web site drawing on the cloud’s services not even blinking. If the cloud is dispersed over more than one data centre, then an entire data centre can go down (never realistically likely to happen) and the cloud can still maintain its service, with the customer still not noticing even a blip.
Such robustness means that, should you choose cloud web hosting by EUKHost you will be guaranteed a remarkable 100% uptime. We can confidently promise this because of the robust, secure, and resilient makeup of our cloud service.

Cloud website hosting by EUKHost brings other advantages: the flexibility allows for straightforward upgrading of your website – for instance, the need to migrate from a shared server to a dedicated server is removed.

Meanwhile, with cloud web hosting by EUKHost you will benefit from our usual stellar technical support, combined with an unbeatable level of expertise in this fresh technology.

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