Watches – the perfect gift for him.

So does that special man in your life like to wear jewellery? Even if he isn’t Mr T and dripping in chains, there is probably one piece he is wearing. Like most other men. It’s beautiful, subtle and useful too. Watches are the one item from the jewellers that any man will wear. Even if he isn’t too fussed about rings, chains and necklaces.

In this day and age we have the time on our computers and mobiles, but wristwatches are still popular, because they are about more than just telling the time. The craft that goes into creating them is evident in the style and design. Having something mechanical, handmade that makes that lovely ticking noise, still resonates with a lot of people.

If you are thinking about getting one for the special guy in your life, think about what sort of person he is and match the watch to his personality. For sporty guys there are all sorts of options – lots of technical features for diving or adventure sports that will come in useful. Is he a little older? A sophisticated, refined sort of a chap? In which case he will appreciate something classic and a little ornate.

Gift buying for men can seem like an uphill struggle. They are very different creatures after all, but with a great time piece you are always on safe ground. If you opt for a ring or a bracelet, you don’t know how he will react. OK, best case scenario he will be thrilled, but you can’t be sure. Not all men like to wear little trinkets like that, no matter how understated they are.

If you are buying one as a surprise and you aren’t sure which one to get, how about taking one of his mates along. Or check out men’s style mags. Failing that, the sales staff are on hand to help you if you get stuck.

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