Why not shop together for diamond rings.

Some things are just timeless. When it comes to jewellery, nothing quite says I love you like diamond rings. Diamonds are so classic, a beautiful gesture of love and commitment. If you are going to make a gesture like this, for an engagement for example, you want to get it right. After all, high quality jewellery this like doesn’t come cheap, so where do you start?

Well if you are lucky you might be getting plenty of hints. Every time you walk past a jewellers you get dragged to the window and shown rings that she has her eye on. Or you could talk to the staff in the shop. Be careful though. At a reputable shop they might have your best interests at heart, but at another they will just be thinking about their commission when you buy one of their diamond rings. The last thing you want is pressure. You are under enough of that already. You don’t need any more heaped upon you.

Many couples go shopping together for big purchases like engagement rings. Don’t feel like a failure if she insists on coming along. This is a big deal and you want to get it right. If she comes too then you pick out something beautiful together that she will adore. When you get to the shop, you’ll be glad she came along. Believe me. There are so many different choices and options from the cut and quality of the diamond to the precious metal for the ring itself – gold, white gold, platinum. It can leave any man completely and utterly bewildered. Are you a natural when it comes to picking out rings? No, me neither. So don’t fret and feel that you aren’t being romantic. You know how much she loves shopping anyway and it beats any fall out or lingering resentment if you get the ring spectacularly wrong.

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