Keeping Tabs on Your Fleet

The potential savings when using a fuel card are huge, usually offering petrol at wholesale prices instead of retail ones. However, there are a number of other benefits that will save huge amounts of time and hassle as well as money.

Fuel cards are one of the most secure ways to pay for fuel which is obviously a great benefit for any company, but one of their greatest assets comes with the simplification of the administration process. Details such as the mileage and registration can be entered at the time of purchase meaning that when you receive the report you will have all the information on who bought what and when immediately to hand rather than having to enter large amounts of information separately from numerous receipts or invoices.

This also helps to ensure that you know how far vehicles have travelled and how much fuel they have used in a much easier way, helping you to work out their consumption much more quickly and easily. On top of this, you never have to worry about lost receipts causing you to lose getting valuable tax back, meaning your profits get to stay your profits.

Online you can see updated details every day meaning you know exactly where your drivers are without having to be in constant contact. With the ability to log in at any time of the day, you have total control over your fleet, meaning details of a card can be viewed at any time and fuel cards can be stopped immediately should you ever feel it necessary.

If your company has a number of vehicles, whether they travel locally, nationally or to the other side of the world, the best way to keep track of them both at the time and in retrospect is almost certainly with a fuel card. Unless you happen to like giving yourself extra work, and if that’s the case, I’m not one to judge.

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