Vaser: Cheaper, Less Painful Lipo Treatment

When people think of liposuction, they almost invariably think of pain, scarring, and forking out large sums of money in exchange for this service. Everybody has heard a horror story about lipo, and for many, these factors have all been off-putting, causing women (and men) to put up with the problem areas on their body: the deposits of fat which just don’t seem to shift no matter how strictly you diet and exercise. For some people, these wobbly niggly bits can change the way they live and the way that they dress, trying to hide bingo wings or love handles, constantly wishing that lipo wasn’t so potentially scary or expensive. Here, vaser comes in, an ultrasound alternative for the removal of excess fat.

The pros of this clever procedure are numerous. Not only can it be repeated, performed under local anaesthetic, it is less expensive than lipo and takes less time, in terms of both the procedure – between one and three hours to complete – and downtime for recovery – between one and three days, as opposed to the three to four weeks healing time for ordinary liposuction. This is great news for those with busy schedules.

Ultrasound is an incredibly precise technology, allowing a greater exactness and accuracy within this procedure, leaving unintended damage to a minimum. This means that the bruising, swelling, and scarring which can be expected is much less horrific than with regular lipo.

Large or small areas can be treated with this procedure, including areas frequently affected by age or pregnancy, like the abdomen (upper and lower) and the thighs (inner and outer). By taking care of these areas with vaser from botonics, you can put your worries about lipo and your own body behind you, giving you the confidence to wear whatever you wish once more, whether that’s swimsuits on holiday or that little black dress for the party season.

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