Virtual Private Servers: High-powered web hosting at a reasonable price

For owners of complex, enterprise-scale websites, finding a secure, reliable hosting solution is essential. This is especially the case if you are involved in e-commerce. Your customers may well be visiting from all over the world, and expect your online store to be open 24/7. Robust security is also vital, as your customers need to be able to make their transactions confidently, especially as cyber-crime, including credit card fraud, is a continuing menace.

For website owners, running such mission-critical sites, a custom hosting solution soon becomes a necessity. Their ultimate preference would probably be for a “dedicated server”, an individual physical server devoted specifically to hosting your site or sites: dedicated servers have a massive bandwidth allocation, whilst the machine’s processing power is not competing with any other sites apart from yours. Dedicated servers are, however, a costly solution, and in these financially challenging times, site owners are seeking acceptable compromises.

The VPS or “Virtual Private Server” is just such a compromise. Virtual Private Servers are created entirely in software, and are effectively emulations of physical machines. VPSs are created on a single custom computer known as a VPS host. Here at EUKHost we deploy the versatile and powerful “Virtuozzo” servers.

With VPS website hosting by EUKHost our virtual machines give provide the power and flexibility of a physical server but at a fraction of the cost. Moreover, Our VPS clients are provided with generous bandwidth, RAM, and disk space, considerably more than you’d get from more modest hosting alternatives.

Furthermore, with VPS web hosting by EUKHost, our clients get the same level of admin control over their servers as our dedicated server clients. This includes root level access, which translates in to fundamental control over every aspect of the machine.

Finally, with VPS web hosting by EUKHost, you will receive brilliant, dedicated, and expert 24/7 technical support.

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