Managing your mailboxes: some hints and tips

With website hosting by EUKHost you will receive a generous quota of mailboxes as part of any hosting package you choose. Here are some handy hints for getting the most out of your mailboxes.

First, here’s a little background on internet mailboxes. The standard type of mailbox which comes with your hosting package will most likely be a pop3. “Pop” in this case stands for “post office protocol”. Thinking of your mailbox as a post office is actually quite helpful. The mailbox is a safe, though temporary, storage area for your incoming mail. You then collect your emails from the “post office” using a mail client, such as Outlook or Thunderbird.

When creating pop3 mailboxes, first make sure that you only create only as many as you need, otherwise life starts getting confusing. If you run a small business, you could create one business account, one private account, and a further account for your online purchases. The latter will help restrict the flow of spam to your everyday accounts, as it is online purchases which tend to draw subsequent unwanted emails.

You should also bear in mind that the size of your online mailbox is not unlimited, and will be restricted to the amount of disk space allocated to your web hosting package. Therefore, in order to save space on your web server account, make sure you set your home or office email client to “always delete from server” when retrieving.

Your private email client will then become the long-term store for all your emails.

However, whilst you are on the road, you will always be able to see most recent emails on the server using the webmail facility, which also is provided automatically with web hosting by EUKHost.

Finally, should you have any further questions about your email setup, you will receive helpful, expert technical support with website hosting by EUKHost.

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