Low-cost web hosting doesn’t mean you have to compromise.

If you are hoping to establish a distinctive and lively web presence, then it’s likely that you will have high ambitions for your website. You may want a catchy domain name, an excellent design, possibly an e-commerce component, and plenty of regular visitors.
You may however be concerned that you need to have a costly web hosting package in order to fulfil your ambitions.

You can, though, be reassured that the high-end web hosting packages are really only essential for mission-critical sites receiving many thousands of unique visitors per day, and making extensive online purchases. It remains possible to get a long way with a starter package.

With affordable web hosting by EUKHost you will soon discover that we offer fantastic value for money. Cheap web hosting from EUKHost does not mean that any corners have been cut.

You could try, for example, our Basic Linux shared hosting package. With the Basic package, clients have access to their personal copy of the versatile, easy-to-use cPanel, the browser-based software which controls all the features and facilities attached to the account. With cPanel you will, for instance, be able to add, remove, and administrate mailboxes, and at the same time block pesky spam emails with aid of the built-in Spam Assassin component.

cPanel also allows for the creation of any number of sub-domains, and also reserved domains not yet live on the internet (called “parked domains”).

You will also be able to view detailed statistical reports on the amount of bandwidth used by your users, unique visitors, and page views, over any time period you specify.

The Basic package with web hosting by EUKHost even comes with a choice of two shopping cart programmes, which will help get your e-commerce up and running. Quality web hosting at affordable prices is now within your sights.

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