Online gambling is subject of new book

An increasing number of people are getting involved in online gambling. Whether they make free bets or paid ones using such bookies, they are all contributing to the trend.Many of these people may be interested in a new book that has been published by Joseph Menn, who is by day a reporter for the Financial Times.

According to, the book is well worth a read. As well as those who are interested in bookies and free bets, individuals who are intrigued by the worlds of IT and cyber crime may also be well advised to pick up a copy, the news source suggested.

It remarked: “Every once in a while a writer will come along and produce a book that is timely and captivates the very essence of a subject with incredible accuracy.”

The news source added: “This book has been dubbed the rarest of finds. It is an IT security book that is not only informative and fascinating, but truly gripping from beginning to end.”

Called Fatal System Error, the tome is written from the perspective of two security specialists.

One is a member of the UK National High Tech Crime Unit and is called Andy Crocker, while the other, Barrett Lyon, is a security tool vendor.

The story starts as Mr Lyon is preparing to meet with the proprietors of BetCRIS, which is an online gambling firm based in Costa Rica. noted that online gambling firms were the main target for a new type of organised cyber criminals earlier this decade and that is when the story is set.

It added: “This is a fascinating tale of technical ability mixed with a determination to get the job done, even when Lyon has to go undercover as a hacker to infiltrate and understand how the Russian and Chinese cyber gangs operated.”

The battle between security specialists and cyber criminals is escalating, with new technologies constantly being employed by both in an attempt to gain the upper hand.

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