Student gets award over printer ink initiative

A large number of firms in the UK and in other countries are reliant on using printer ink.After all, ink cartridges are vital in the production of material that is sent out to employees, business partners and consumers.
Indeed, some companies get though vast quantities of printer ink.

With this in mind, more people are becoming aware of the potential environmental effects this process may have and initiatives that involve collecting and recycling the products have been set up.

Recently, a student from the US was handed an award for his idea to reduce printer ink wastage.

According to a report in the Daily Kansan, Nick Benson from Orlando decided that he would create a programme at the University of Kansas to enable people at the academic institution to recycle their ink cartridges.

As a result of his achievements, the Centre for Sustainability presented the innovative individual with a Student Sustainability Leadership Award.

Director of the organisation Jeff Severin remarked: “He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty and get out there to do great work.”

He added that the accolade was bestowed on the student in recognition of his leadership and creativity.

Mr Benson’s project has been up and running since July and his Ink Cartridge Recycling for the Community programme has so far collected in excess of 1,400 cartridges.

Now in his second year at the academic institution, he got the idea for his project when he discovered that millions of cartridges are sent to landfill and they can take years to erode.

After the winners of the awards had been announced, both they and the runners up spoke about their work.

Meanwhile, it is likely that the number of recycling initiatives concerning printers seen across the world will continue to rise over coming months and years. There is certainly no sign of the trend abating.

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