Printer ink donations to be used for a good cause

Many consumer and businesses get though considerable quantities of printer ink and printer cartridges.Whether they need the resources for the completion of essays, in order to liaise with consumers or for other purposes, they can spend a lot of money and generate a large amount of waste.

One charity that is seeking to take advantage of this is Berkshire St John Ambulance.

The organisation is encouraging people to donate old printer ink containers such as printer cartridges in order to generate cash.

As well as these items, individuals are being requested to hand over old mobile phones.

The organisation is collecting the products from people’s homes, making the process convenient for those who wish to get involved.

After the fundraising stage is over, the money that has been made will be used to provide individuals with life saving training.

Commenting on the Recycle 4 Charity initiative, fundraiser Kim Adrian said: “Many people throw away these items simply because they don’t even realise recycling services for them exist.

“We hope the fact that this kind of recycling can be used to support a really worthwhile cause will convince people it’s worth making the very little effort involved in backing the scheme.”

She added that the situation is “win win” because it reduces waste and is therefore good for the environment and it means the charity will get “badly needed” donations that will help it cover the costs of its work in local communities throughout Berkshire.

St John Ambulance exists to reduce the number of deaths that could have been prevented by first aid.

Across the UK as a whole, it trained around 800,000 people last year. As well as doing courses in schools, it also operates in workplaces and communities.

In addition to its teaching, the organisation produces first aid products.

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