It takes more than talent to get acting auditions…

So you love to perform on the stage. Many talent people coming out of drama college or acting school want to make a career out of their passion, but understandably it is an incredibly competitive field. Some people get involved in amateur theatre and realise they have a real talent for it and want to take their craft further. Auditions are a secretive, closed off world though. Or so it can seem at first.

Here at Audition Now we can help you get that big break you’ve been looking for. By subscribing to our text alert service we can supply you with a steady stream of acting auditions tips and details of where castings are taking place. Because without this inside information it’s almost impossible to know what directors are looking for, never mind who in the market for new actors right now. You have to 18 years or older to sign up to the service, which costs £1.50 per text with a maximum of three texts per week.

We’ve helped many aspiring young actors get work, by breaking down the traditional barriers to entry into the industry. Thanks to our service, you no longer need to be on the inside to know where the jobs and what casting directors are looking for. Because for a very small fee, we can give you the low down and help you to get your big break.

Subscribers to our service have secured auditions and parts with a number of top TV shows. So don’t let your lack of industry know how stop you getting acting auditions. Remember that talent alone isn’t enough. The world is full of talented actors who just aren’t on the industry radar. Don’t let that happen to you. Sign up today and give yourself a shot at the TV big time.

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