Shared website hosting from EUKHost – the ideal solution for many site owners

If you are running a small business these days investing in a website is almost part and parcel of setting up your company. In-fact, for many companies, their website is at the very core of their brand. Integral to setting up an effective website is deciding on what web hosting package is best for the business. The decision is likely to be informed by the current size of your business, your turnover, and your ambitions for growth.

For example, if you are aiming high, say to launch a thriving e-commerce enterprise, perhaps attracting thousands of visitors a month, then you are best advised to consider a dedicated hosting solution: With dedicated hosting an entire server is devoted to hosting your company’s website, and to handling any other related IT requirements your company may have. However, a dedicated server is a high-end website solution, and in these challenging economic times, many customers would prefer a compromise.

Indeed, if your site has more modest ambitions, and you are, say currently happy with visitor numbers in the hundreds rather than the thousands, then you should consider a shared hosting solution. In a shared hosting arrangement a site owners rent equal portions of space and resources on a web server from the hosting company. Every portion of server space allocated is completely self-contained, with the site owner having rights over the uploading of content, creation of email accounts, and other tasks.

Should you choose shared web hosting by EUKHost you can be assured that your website will have a great home: highly responsive, enabling your users to experience your site to the full, without long waits for pages to appear, or downloads to work.

With cheap website hosting from EUKHost you will also have access to cPanel, brilliant browser based software which makes managing your site, your email accounts, and software plug-ins (such as forums) very easy to manage.

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