Web space reselling – an opportunity for internet entrepreneurs

Web hosting is a potentially exciting industry to be involved in. It’s energetic, cutting-edge, and performs an invaluable service to customers – helping the world communicate with itself through the internet. However, dealing with the sheer logistics of setting up a web hosting company is quite demanding, as well as requiring investment upfront. A web hosting company requires industrial strength internet connectivity and a stable of servers securely housed in compliant accommodation. You also require a customer service department and need to supply 24/7 technical support. Some business people keen to get in to the internet industry simply can’t meet these requirements.
For such people there is however a compromise solution, known as ‘reselling’.

If you are a web hosting reseller, you have an arrangement with a hosting company which enables you to sell web space to your own clients at your own prices, and on your own terms.

The advantage of reseller hosting is that the seller’s relationship with the parent web hosting company is kept completely anonymous so that your clients need not even be aware that you are a reseller. Meanwhile, the arrangement means that you can go ahead and give your clients a personal touch, perhaps offering web hosting as an adjunct to website design. In fact design companies find reseller hosting extremely convenient as they can then offer a complete end-to-end service, from design, to publishing, to hosting the site, providing maximum convenience to their clients.

Finally, with cheap UK website hosting from EUKHost you can make full use of our technical support. With UK web hosting by EUKHost, you can route all your clients through our superb technical support facility, whilst fully preserving your anonymous relationship with us.

From this perspective reseller website hosting by EUKHost is a particularly attractive proposition; especially as our technical support is provided 24/7 by both phone and email, 365 days a year.

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