‘The social network’ – some tips on managing your online presence

The recent release of the well-reviewed film ‘The Social Network’ has confirmed the remarkable impact of sites such as Facebook on the internet and the wider world beyond it.

Commercially driven websites have inevitably realised the marketing potential in social networking sites: word of mouth, messages between friends and contacts can give a product a massive boost, or on the flipside, be the kiss of death for it.

However, as a website owner, it can be quite tricky to strike the right balance in terms of your online presence, so here are some hints and tips.

Firstly, it’s a good idea not to flood social networking sites with various avatars representing your company or its product. It can be counter-productive to spread yourself too thin. Therefore, try to focus on just a couple of high-profile sites, and work hard on building up your followers or friends.

The next step is to post updates regularly and frequently. Frequent posting, especially including links to your site will help optimise your site when it comes to search engine rankings. A further benefit of regular posting is that it helps keep your site current and in the public eye.

Also, do make your social networking presence lively and witty, though always professional. Don’t overdo the informality: a ‘smart casual’ approach shows you take your products seriously and encourages respect.

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