Lies, Damned Lies and…Some tips on reading website stats.

The internet offers a remarkable world of exciting opportunities, indeed, some of them life-changing. Given the variety, excitement, and versatility in the online world, by contrast the statistics, or web metrics, generated by this activity can seem a little on the dull side.

It is not easy to get excited about statistics. However, for the dedicated website owner who is perhaps responsible for a mission critical website, the statistics your site generates are crucial to understanding your audience and the success, or otherwise, of your site.

Should you choose website hosting with EUKHost you will have access to at least one stats reporting tool to work with. You should, in particular look out for stats reports on page impressions” (or pages), visits and bandwidth (or ‘kilobytes’).

Page impressions are a count of the number of times the various pages on your site were viewed by your users over a given period of time. The total number of page impressions is a useful guide to the overall popularity of your site. This stat will also give you a good idea of the most popular pages on your site, which could help you determine the success of a recent marketing campaign.

‘Visits’ is the number of unique visitors your site is receiving over a given period. This is a very useful gauge of popularity. For instance you can compare the number of visitors to the number of online purchases you receive, in order to figure out your success as an online retailer.

Meanwhile, your bandwidth report will tell you how much data is being downloaded from the site overall – a pointer to whether your bandwidth allocation is sufficient.

With web hosting by EUKHost, should you find your bandwidth limit too constraining we will be happy to advise on a more suitable hosting package for your developing site. Website hosting by EUKHost also means guaranteed 24/7 support.

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