Virtual Machines – how they benefit web hosting

The world of technology is advancing at a breakneck pace, and it can be difficult to keep up with all the new developments. One such development is having a radical impact on the whole concept of ‘hardware’, and the idea of what makes a physical machine: this is the phenomenon of ‘virtualisation’.

Virtualisation is the process of emulating a physical machine in software. For example, you might be running Windows 7 as your operating system on your home PC. With virtualisation software you would have the ability to set up a ‘machine’ running a Linux operating system such as Ubuntu entirely through software, within your own PC: a ‘machine within a machine’.

There are some big advantages with virtualisation. Machines can be rebooted in a matter of seconds, load balancing, and resource management across different machines becomes a lot easier via a central controlling interface.

Where web servers, such as those available with web hosting by EUKHost, are concerned virtualisation offers exciting prospects to site owners.

With web hosting through a VPS (Virtual Private Server) you can experience all the benefits of a dedicated server without the relatively high costs that come with a physical machine set aside for your site.

VPS web hosting by EUKHost, for instance, is especially suited for those looking for an economical upgrade from a shared hosting package. With VPS web hosting from EUKHost, you will have the following features and benefits:

– Ability to choose your flavour of server operating system – Linux or Windows.

– An isolated, fully independent server, which is sharing space on an enterprise-class virtualisation host.

– Smooth, seamless load-balancing between the virtual machines to the performance of your website.

– All the flexibility, security, high performance, and control of a dedicated server.

– Dedicated administrative support from out team of expert technicians.

All in all, in these times of constrained financial circumstances, virtual servers are serious contenders in the web hosting world.

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