The benefits of choosing a dedicated server to host your site

Websites vary enormously in complexity and scale, according to the requirements of the site owner and the audience they hope to satisfy. From a website to celebrate a couple’s marriage, aimed at friends and family, to massive retail sites, such as Amazon, there’s a website to match every need.

To complement this variety in the website world, website hosting packages also vary in scale, complexity and affordability. There’s usually a hosting solution to match every kind of site. For mission-critical sites, often involving e-commerce, where there’s everything to play for, there’s a high-end solution available, often known as ‘dedicated server’ web hosting.

The dedicated server solution is designed to create optimal peace of mind for the business websites which simply have to keep their audiences satisfied, and for which reliability is simply a basic requirement which has to be fulfilled above all else.

‘Dedicated server’ means a computer server which is devoted entirely to the IT requirements of a single client. Should you choose dedicated server web hosting by EUKHost you will find that no sharing of sites with other companies is needed. This means that the entire server’s resources, from bandwidth, to hard disk space, to processor cycles, to memory (RAM), are allocated as required simply to your website.

Furthermore the client can choose which ever server operating system will suit their technical ability better, Windows or Linux, and which is most suited to their company’s IT setup and underlying website coding, as well as database system. With dedicated servers by EUKHost you will receive a tailored, personal service, with the best technical support in the business, which will underpin your website in to the future.

Finally, with cheap website hosting from EUKHost we can guarantee you a remarkable 100% uptime, owing to our robust load underlying load balancing system.

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