Getting the best out of technical support with web hosting by EUKHost

If you are the owner of a computer, it’s likely that you will have experienced a fault at some point, ranging from software bugs to hard disk crashes. Faults on personal computers are troublesome enough, but imagine a computer issue that affects many thousands of users, perhaps even millions: for example, a technical fault that hits a commercial website.

Website problems require expert technical support, but even the experts can be aided considerably by users who give them clear information which documents the problem in helpful ways.

When you hear about or come across a problem with your website, then a good initial step is to try to reproduce the problem on another computer. This helps determine how local the problem is: it might be an issue with your broadband connection or simply a browser compatibility problem on your home computer which others don’t experience. It’s always therefore a good idea to speak to a friend, who perhaps has a different broadband connection and find out if they can reproduce the problem.

Armed with this initial information it always helps to get the issue down on paper. Either make a few notes with pen and paper, or jot some points down in a word processor on screen. The time of day the incident first occurred is particularly useful to tech support. Now, when you call technical support you can set your support on the assistant on the right track with some helpful background information.

Finally, always ask for a reference number, and the name of your support assistant. This aids any future communication considerably.

Should you choose website hosting by EUKHost you will find our support assistants always willing to dive in and help with any website technical issues. With Web hosting by EUKHost you will receive brilliant technical support 24/7 both by phone and email.

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