The benefits of regular backup

Being a website owner can mean different things to different people. For some a website may be a small-scale personal site set up with some enthusiasm in the past, but which now receives little attention. For others, a website can be a core part of their lives or their business. A site may be the primary source of income for the site and owner and their employees. It could also hold a place of importance in the lives of its regular visitors.

For the latter type of site owners in particular, it’s inconceivable to imagine their site suffering a major fault, or an outage. However, such events can and do happen. Sites can be subject to intrusive online vandalism, whereby content is defaced. Sites can also suffer virus attacks, and these are only some of the problems that can beset a site, which is, when all is said and done, digital content sited on a publicly accessible hard disk.

For these reasons alone, a sound backup strategy for your website is crucial. With affordable website hosting from EUKHost you will be guaranteed that we will provide regular and consistent backups for your site. However, even if you are supported by reliable web hosting by EUKHost, it’s remains vital to have a back up plan for your backup. Do ensure that the computer disk on which the copy of your web site, as well as its digital assets, is stored is also regularly backed up.

For home/office small businesses the best way to do this is back up regularly to an external USB hard drive. This will complement the backup service you will receive with web hosting by EUKHost.

Finally, make sure you have the safety net of an online backup service over the internet. These internet backup services are becoming increasingly affordable and well worth investing in.

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