Creating brilliant websites with Coldfusion 8 hosting by EUKHost

Setting up a website from scratch can seem daunting if you have little technical knowledge, or don’t have friends, family or colleagues who are technically savvy.

One option is to pay a web design company to do the heavy lifting for you, and this can seem attractive. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that the payment you make on a site delivered by a company may not necessarily be the final one, as there are often subsequent tweaks, or additional content to add later down the line, which can lead to unexpected ongoing costs during the lifetime of the site.

If you do have some technical knowledge, and perhaps a little design nous, or are willing to pick up these skills on the job, then there is an alternative solution, which comes with web hosting from EUKhost.

EUKHost now offers Coldfusion 8 hosting, which for some clients will be an ideal compromise solution. Coldfusion is powerful web authoring and publishing software. It comes in a two-part package: the authoring programme which is installed on a client’s PC, at home or work, and a server package which enables the site you’ve constructed to function for visitors to your site.

Coldfusion 8 comes packed with ready-made site templates, attractively designed to meet a range of different web sites, from business to personal. E-commerce functionality is also supplied, so setting up shop becomes considerably more straightforward. If you do happen to have experts in website development to hand then they can also benefit greatly from the more advanced features provided with Coldfusion 8 website hosting by EUKHost.

For instance, connection to a backend database and running database queries are both handled elegantly with Coldfusion web hosting by EUKhost.

Additionally, Coldfusion comes with a monitoring API, enabling easy monitoring of your site performance, and straightforward diagnostics of any issues should they arise.

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