Could a Visco Elastic Foam Mattress Benefit You?

Visco elastic foam is considered to be the ultimate in mattress technology.  These mattresses are made from a special foam that has a ‘memory’.  It moulds to every contour of your body, supporting it perfectly.  If you sleep on a double mattress, your partner can move around as much as they like without you detecting a single thing. 

After investing in one of these memory foam mattresses, you’ll notice benefits in your quality of sleep and general health.

When you sleep on an ordinary mattress, you’ll find that there will be gaps between the bed and your body.  This can cause pressure points that can be extremely painful.  A visco elastic foam mattress adapts to every contour of your body, leaving a temporary imprint of it on the mattress.  Having no pressure points on your body will greatly improve the circulation of blood to your hips and shoulders, helping you to fall asleep much faster.

Visco elastic foam mattresses are an excellent long term investment.  Because they are not filled with springs and air, they are considerably denser than a traditional mattress.  This makes them extremely durable.  Although you might think that an elastic foam mattress is expensive, it could save you money in the long run.  While a traditional mattress may need to be replaced every eight years, a memory foam mattress could last you a lifetime.

If you suffer from any allergies, you could find that a visco elastic foam mattress benefits you.  Traditional mattresses can harbour bed bugs and dust mites, exacerbating the symptoms of any allergy sufferers.  The solid core of a memory foam mattress makes it very difficult for any mites to reside there.  When you start sleeping on a visco elastic foam mattress, you may experience a considerable reduction in your allergy symptoms.

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