Visco Elastic Foam Explained

Since 1990, visco elastic foam has been revolutionising the world of mattresses and changing the way we sleep forever.  These memory foam mattress have millions of users all over the world, many of which say that visco elastic foams enables them to have the best quality sleep they’ve ever had.

Visco elastic foam mattresses were developed during NASA research into the effects of g-force on astronauts.  The technology later caught the attention of the medical world, with the mattresses becoming commonly used in hospitals, particularly for patients suffering from back pain.  After hospital patients began to feel the benefit of sleeping on memory foam mattresses, the technology quickly became available to the general public, and has been hugely popular ever since.

Visco elastic foam mattresses are unique because of their ability to adapt exactly to every contour of your body.  This leads to a comfort like which you will have never experienced.  They support your body everywhere it needs it.  Unlike traditional mattresses, your weight is distributed evenly on a memory foam mattress.  They can support your spine while retaining its natural curvature.  This means that there’s no excessive pressure on any parts of your body, eliminating any pain caused by your mattress.  Your body is held comfortably and you won’t be disturbed, even if you have a partner who tosses and turns.

Traditional mattress springs can easily become bent out of shape and poke through the material.  This can make sleeping on them extremely uncomfortable.  Visco elastic foam mattresses have a solid construction without any springs.  This not only means they will provide a more restful night’s sleep, they also last much longer than a traditional mattress.  Although they are more expensive than regular mattresses, their comfort and durability will make a visco elastic foam mattress a worthy investment.

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