Affordable luxury hotels in London…

Luxury hotels in London conjure up images of the very grandest hotels. Ones that are famous the world over,like the Dorchester and Claridges. Where celebrities and movers and shakers from the world of business rub shoulders. The closest most of us get to hotels of this calibre is by booking afternoon tea for a special occasion. How the other half live!

If you walk down Park Lane you’ll see one fabulous hotel after another. Luxury hotels in London really are off the scale when it comes to high class and elegance. Imagine staying here and looking out over Hyde Park each morning.

For us mere mortals, hotels in London don’t just have to mean the glitz of Mayfair. There’s far more to the city than this one district. A very swanky district admittedly. If you’re looking for somewhere a little bit special to stay, the city has many hidden gems that will make your visit to the city a truly memorable one. Whether you want to surprise a loved one or want to  treat  a friend or family member, there’s plenty of affordable luxury on offer in the capital.

The Internet makes booking hotel rooms so much easier and there are plenty of late deals to be had on specialist websites. Not surprisingly hotels in London feature prominently on these sites. So get browsing you can grab yourself a real bargain. You’re not going to get the presidential suite at Claridges, but a high class hotel in the West End with a discount is easy to find. You might have to walk a little further to Hyde Park and they might not do cucumber sandwiches, but you’ll have a memorable stay nonetheless. Just don’t get your hopes up for you own butler and chauffeur.

Whether you’re looking for something traditional or something a little bit more contemporary, London has it all. And you can avoid the big chains too. If you’ve seen enough bland hotels, don’t worry. You can find individual, quirky places to stay that are steeped in character and history.

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