Office Decor and Staff Morale

Across every level and type of office space, there exists a continuing conundrum – how can staff morale be consistently maintained? One of the most simple and effective techniques is via office décor.

Keep It Simple
Perhaps the décor itself is not in question, but rather its condition isn’t conducive to staff motivation. Simple, easily implementable steps (a lick of paint, new artificial trailing plants, refurbished windows etc) can make all the difference.    

Listen to Staff
According to recent surveys, media staff are the least likely to be satisfied by the overall décor of their work space. Whether this is because of their unique creative qualities is uncertain, however the value of listening to the opinions of a workforce is not. Staff who feel appreciated are more likely to maintain a consistent level of valuable output.

Don’t Skimp on Facilities
The kitchen area was recently identified as the least attractive, most depressing area in most working environments. It’s not a home; nobody expects the kitchen to be filled with cosy throw cushions and family photos. However the provision of a clean, healthy, inspiring kitchen area could go a long way to fostering the professionalism of a workforce. For example, keep live trailing plants and floral arrangements out of the kitchen (live plant life can be very unhygienic) Opt for artificial floral arrangements that can be easily and regularly cleaned.  
Providing enough space might sound elementary, but the adequate provision of bins, cupboard spaces, coat hooks etc is vital to maintain a clutter-free, organised workspace.

Utilise Colour Psychology
In an office space, lilac walls can seem cold and oppressive. Swap for warmer cream tones and change the entire mood and atmosphere of the room. A little research into the most appropriate colours relating to a work space could yield some very surprising results. For example, blue is soothing, green inspires health, and orange motivates fun and creativity.

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