What to do if you test positive for a STD

Whether you have been careless or just had an accident, the feeling of knowing you are infected with a STD is often devastating. One of the first things you should do is visit a GUM clinic to get tested, and once you know the situation you are faced with, you can deal with it properly.

There are hundreds of opinions surrounding diagnosis and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases; however it is always best to speak to the professionals. At samedaydoctor we offer various tests from routine STD to a HIV test, depending on your situation. You will be seen at a private clinic – we offer complete privacy and confidence as a reassurance for people, as it can be embarrassing or scary talking to someone you know.

The most important thing is not to panic as there is usually something which can be done for any infection. Some infections can be cured by medication of some description, whilst others unfortunately have no cure at all. This however, does not always mean there is no help available, as in the majority of cases the infection or disease can be managed in some way and you can be taught how to deal with it.

One thing to remember if you do become infected is to ensure you inform any previous sexual partners who you may have either contracted the infection from or passed on to. Whilst this is a very difficult and awkward process, for the health and safety of others it is something which must be done. It is also important not to put any future partners at risk without their knowledge, so always ensure you discuss it beforehand.

It is hard to come to terms with living with a STD; however with professional help at hand it can be achieved. If you are lucky enough to become clear of infection, then ensure you learn from it and do not make the same mistake in the future.

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