Speeding solicitors – can you afford not to challenge

Motoring solicitors have always been around. People need representation for all of different motoring offences like drink driving, but we hear more about them these days because of the explosion in speeding convictions. As the use of speed cameras has multiplied and spread across the UK, so we have seen the development of very specialist lawyers to help motorists caught by these devices – speeding solicitors.

You might have read about high profile cases involving celebrities who have had speeding cases against them thrown out in court. Famous people who have gotten off the hook thanks to a good lawyer include David Beckham and Alex Ferguson for example. Now we can’t all employ the cream of motoring solicitors like those two did, but for us ordinary types, there are still plenty of great lawyers to choose from within our budget.

Speeding solicitors have developed a formidable knowledge of this area. Cases are not as clear cut as most of us imagine. In fact speeding prosecutions are governed by very strict procedure and protocol. This applies both to how the evidence was collected and recorded, and also to the administration of the notice to prosecute. If challenged, the police must demonstrate that the equipment was working and had been tested for example. They must inform you of their intention to prosecute with a given time period. Any breaches of the rules and the case against you is invalidated. These are just two examples. A specialist lawyer will have far more up their sleeve to help fight your corner.

You might assume fighting your case is going to be expensive, but it’s nothing like as expensive as losing your license. Many of us would be totally lost without our cars. In fact we couldn’t make it work without our vehicle. If you are unable to drive for any period of time, you could even lose your job.

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