Outstanding Point of Sale Displays

The name Green Room Retail has become synonymous with marketing success, a company renowned for helping other businesses to achieve their goals with regards to marketing and profits since 2001.

No challenge seems too large for this company, operating in the UK and beyond, producing exceptional designs for brands and retailers, grabbing the attention of their intended market and turning advertising displays into profit. The company has amassed an impressive resume, which includes high street names such as fashion stores Next and New Look, sports brands Nike, Umbro, and Kickers, designer brands such as Levi’s and Lacoste, mobile names like Nokia and Motorola, and car manufacturers Honda. These huge brands have all made use of this talented company’s flair, creativity, and the staff’s keen understanding of how outstanding retail displays can draw attention and turn this interest easily into sales.

Foot traffic is the primary source of custom for many shops, and if your store has an experiential advertising element, intrigue and curiosity are generated, often translated into significant results for profit. Even if the point of sale product is not purchased, it has drawn customers into the store, making them linger. In this situation, the chances are that they will see and purchase other items. By creating space-efficient, eye-catching point of sale displays, this company allows its clients’ products to stand out from others in the field, be they trainers, mobile phones, or something totally different.

Retail displays from this company are not simply the same stand with your brand name upon it, the team work carefully and closely with you to develop something original and astonishing. One of their clients has described the team as an ‘extension of our brand’, a testimonial to the value of this company and the point of sale displays and more that they provide.

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