Wedding venues for the royal wedding

Wedding venues are still to be decided for the biggest wedding of the decade between Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Kate was pictured earlier this week leaving Westminster Abbey and although this is riding high up on the list of possible wedding venues, other people are convinced the couple may look further afield for other wedding venues.

The BBC has reported that Kate has connections to Leeds and has suggested that a church in Adel could be a possible location for the royal wedding.

As her grandparents were married there in the 1940s there is now growing speculation that the couple may snub London and go back to Kate’s roots.

Speaking to the BBC, Reverend Dr Ian White, Vicar of Adel said he would be more than happy to accommodate the couple if they chose to exchange their wedding vows in his church.

He said: “I would be delighted to conduct the marriage ceremony for William and Kate and I await the call from the Palace with anticipation.”

Since 2008, couples have been given permission to marry in any church where their parents or grandparents were married. Although the exact date and venue are yet to be confirmed by St James’s Palace, Adel Church may well be one of the contenders still in the running.

The church itself dates back to the 1100s and is a Grade One listed building. Although there is only seating available for around 130 people, the vicar said they would be able to accommodate the couple.

He added: “The church has a wonderful choir and the floral arrangements would be beautiful.”

The couple met while both studying History of Art at St. Andrew’s University. They became engaged while on Kenya in October and William gave Kate his mother’s engagement ring.

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