Spending Quality Time as a Couple: Realistic Aims

In the Heat of the Night….

….Mr falls asleep in his armchair and Mrs gets on with the ironing and imagines doing the Argentine tango with that bloke on the telly!

The importance of making time for each other in this mad world is discussed over and over in monthly glossies, newspapers, daytime TV shows, late-night TV talk shows and therapist’s chairs. But how practical is it really? Perhaps scheduling in a weekly session to actually learn the Argentine tango seems unrealistic? Perhaps organising a babysitter might be too much hassle to bother? Striking the balance between independence and dependence can be tough in the modern world. Communication is one thing, but getting up, going and DOING things together (the weekly food shop not withstanding!) is quite another.

Then again, it could all be worth the effort…

Try Something New
Often, the people who spout advice like “try something new” have more time than sense, and maybe a nanny and a bank full of dosh too! That said, scheduling the time to try a new activity as a couple could prove beneficial in terms of nurturing the bond between partners. After all, the couple who tries and loathes horse riding together can have a good laugh about it together later on!
Spicing up the romance may have dwindled to an evening in the local pub, so why not actually bother to do something totally outside the comfort zone? Go to a tango show? Hell, why not be in the tango show! Mix it up and attempt something new once a month.

Go Somewhere Old
Revisiting meaningful places can go a long way to revitalising the feelings that brought a couple together in the first place. Reminisce about the good old days, recall life together, have a laugh and appreciate each other more deeply than before.

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