Life in The Alps

As autumn turns quickly to winter, the cold and wind and rain are suddenly forgotten in place of the mounting excitement for the upcoming Christmas period. However, once the festive season is well and truly finished, a British winter is a less than appealing concept, leading to early January being unanimously thought of as the most depressing time of the year.

Yet, January isn’t depressing for everyone. For some, winter remains a magical wonderland, craved for and enjoyed for the entire duration as opposed to a slush filled carnival of driving wind and misery.

The Alps is one such place, with its slower pace of life, its surprising warmth despite the gorgeous snow-covered vistas, and its general optimism. Unlike some parts of Britain, life in the Alps is one about community and sticking together and so a winter there amidst the breathtaking scenery is one that will be reviving and uplifting rather than depressing and draining.

There is also the opportunity for a spot of winter sport that the UK simply can’t offer, and for those wishing to experience winter in a less oppressive environment, this might be a good place to start. Skiing in the Alps is another reason why their winters beat ours hands down, and booking ski holidays is one way to experience how winters should be. Whether you are thinking of moving that way or simply want a break from the post-Christmas depression, ski holidays spent in luxurious chalets are a great place to start.

With truly friendly people and a wide range of culture and fantastic cuisine, life in the Alps during winter, or in fact at any time of the year is one that is truly unbeatable. So if you’re sick to death of winter, why not look into the best chalets in the Alps and go and cure some of those winter blues.

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