The Egyptian Experience: Essential Cruise Holiday Checklist

Egypt’s River Nile cruises are amongst the most popular river cruises in the world. Encompassing the mesmerising elements of Egypt’s rich culture and famous history combined with contemporary pastimes and luxurious facilities. River Nile cruises are noted for their relaxing pace, gorgeous scenery and outstanding holiday experience.

The backbone of every holiday – from luxury Nile cruises to hitching across the USA – the essentials checklist! Passport, travel insurance (including medical and personal possession cover), relevant visas/vaccinations/medical necessities (e.g. malaria tablets), travel itinerary (including contact details in both UK and Egypt) and money are true holiday essentials!

The weather in Egypt can reach stifling temperatures even during the winter months. As a predominantly Muslim country, tourists and locals alike are expected to follow customary conservative clothing habits. As it happens, the most comfortable clothing is loose fitting, covers most of the body and is made from light cotton. If in doubt, cover up!
Women are expected to keep upper arms and shoulders covered, steer clear of revealing shorts or skirts and avoid low-cut tops. A top holiday tip is to keep a large cotton shawl on hand for emergencies or moments of potential offence.
Despite stringent public dress rules, within the confines of a hotel or cruise ship western habits tend to prevail. Almost all hotels and cruise ships make allowances within their own walls e.g. around the pool or sunbathing on deck.

As a tourism-driven economy, foreign credit cards and travellers are widely accepted in Egypt (including on board river cruise ships) Luxury Nile cruises and thrifty holiday options alike tend to cater excellently to foreign currency.
Tipping (known as “baksheesh”) is a way of life in Egypt. Peripheral staff such as temple guardians, porters, cleaners, wait-on staff etc will expect to be tipped for their trouble. Travel providers are an excellent resource when seeking out local customs and etiquette norms.

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