Choosing Your First Yoga Clothes

Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise for good health, relaxation, stress release, and generally good for promoting physical wellbeing. If you are new to the practice of yoga, you probably have some questions about what you need before you start your first classes. For instance, what do you need in the way of yoga clothing? Here are some tips to help you buy your first yoga clothes.  
First, think about what makes you feel comfortable. In the summer, what sort of clothing do you wear to keep cool? If you like shorts or Capri pants, it makes sense to look for a similar style of pants for yoga. The same goes for tops. Your clothing should be loose fitting enough to feel comfortable and allow plenty of room for movement and breathing, but not so loose that your body’s shape is lost in the folds of clothes. Your instructor needs to be able to see your body and the way it moves to help you do your stretches and moves correctly.
Men sometimes prefer longer pants and T-shirts, with a no-fuss sort of feel. Clothing that looks like general gym wear or casual clothing is usually preferable for men.
Now, pick some clothes you like. Yoga clothes don’t have to boring. They come in all different colours and styles. Don’t feel that you have to buy standard yoga clothing simply because that’s what others in your class are wearing, or other people you know are wearing for yoga. You should always wear clothing you feel good about, and that makes you feel confident, happy, and ready for anything.
If you are doing yoga as stress relief or to combat depression, you want to consider some brighter coloured clothes—perhaps some pink or yellow. The brightness of these hues may help to enhance a good mood.

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