Skin care warnings with fancy dress

Skin care experts have been issuing a few warnings when it comes to fancy dress makeup.

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, skin care products experts and retailers have been concerned about the number of people dressing up as characters from the box office success, Avatar.

According to the skin care experts, the blue body paint needed to complete the Avatar look could actually cause harm to the skin and in more serious cases- may actually have fatal consequences.

Speaking to Click Liverpool, Chris Flower from skin care products watchdog, The Cosmetics and Perfumery Association was concerned about people not reading the labels on some face paint brands.

He also claimed that some people may have very severe reactions to some makeup brans that could actually be fatal.

Mr Flower said: “ It is important to properly check the product out before using it to cover your skin.

“Under the cosmetics directive, products have to be safe when used in normal and anticipated circumstances, but there are always going to be exceptions.”

The expert also claimed that each individual reacts differently to different products so it is always best to read the instructions and do a test on a small area of skin before applying the product to the rest of the face and body.  This is because many allergic reactions may escalate into more serious issues within a very short period of time.

This Halloween, Hollywood and film inspired costumes were expected to be very popular with many people looking to their favourite blockbusters for ideas.
Also speaking to Click Liverpool, Rosalie Watkinson from Party Time Direct said that this year, a lot of money has been spent on more elaborate costumes such as Avatar characters.

She said: “ We’ve sold tons of body paint in the build up to Halloween and it looks like people are leaving behind ghosts, witches and vampires. “

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