Wind Turbines Can Create Natural Energy

According to The Times, UK citizens produce an average of 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. They also go on to state that this could ultimately fill two Olympic swimming pools.

This is ultimately affecting temperatures across the world, and most countries will be subject to a significant rise in temperatures by 6.4 degrees Celsius by 2100.

This could ultimately affect various species as the rise in temperatures will ultimately cause the sea levels to rise and create strong storms which could swamp coastlines.

The UK reportedly uses 40% of Europe’s total wind energy; therefore, any UK citizen hoping to cut back on energy should consider installing wind turbines which can generate pure electricity.

Wind turbines can produce electricity as it uses natural wind power which steer the generator. There are many advantages of installing a wind turbine, as they do not emit any CO2 emissions, they can reduce a home’s reliance on fossil fuels, they are cost effective as there are no running costs and they can help a home or business to create an income.

Wind turbines are a great way to create electricity income because a homeowner or company can sell electricity from their wind turbines back to the national grid. This is due to the Feed in Tariff (FITS), and the owner of the wind turbine will receive a guaranteed tax free payment. This tariff has been available since 1st April 2010. There are also various UK councils that can help a property owner receive funding for the purchase of their wind turbine.

It is vital a home owner or company consult an accredited company when considering adding a wind turbine to their property.

Wind turbines are one of the most effective ways to create renewable energy for a property. However, it is vital a property owner receives planning permission before purchasing a wind turbine.

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