Agency for Jobs in Occupational Health

Occupational Health Recruitment is an agency specialising in jobs in occupational health, with over two decades of experience helping unite candidates with opportunities, and providing great, qualified staff for clients, across a variety of positions, including nurses, advisors, managers, and more. Whether you are a nurse seeking temporary employment or need to fill a permanent managerial position with somebody appropriately qualified and experienced, this agency can help.

Candidates are rigorously tested to ensure that they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to provide an excellent service that clients can rely upon. With a candidate database five thousand strong, this company can quickly produce appropriate individuals to meet clients’ needs. By using this service, masses of time can be saved, with clients able to take advantage of this huge database. Interviewing, recruiting, and training can be a real drain on time and other resources: resources which are not always readily available. By using this occupational health recruitment agency, these steps can be cut out and a candidate chosen from a worthy selection of individuals, keen to provide the necessary services.

The service can be just as beneficial for candidates, by signing up to an agency with so many clients a competitive edge can be gained, providing access to exclusive and unadvertised jobs in occupational health, opportunities which you would not come across otherwise. Over eight hundred companies are signed up for this dedicated service, devoted to placing professionals in appropriate positions since 1989.

This agency is beneficial not only to companies in need of talented and skilled individuals but also to these OH professionals, seeking work related directly to their training and field of expertise. With such a niche and competitive job market, landing relevant positions and appropriate individuals can be tricky, but this agency aims to join clients and candidates, whether for a temporary position or a more permanent contract.

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