Specialist Occupational Health Recruitment Agency

Occupational Health Recruitment is an agency dedicated to filling and advertising vacant occupational health jobs.  The company have more than two decades of experience in this area, uniting clients and candidates since 1989. The agency provides its candidates with great opportunities and its  clients with eager, qualified OH staff. A range of roles is covered, including – but not limited to – nurses, managers, and advisors. Positions advertised can be temporary or permanent: for any gap in your organisation that needs filling, this agency has a candidate for the job, experienced, qualified, and keen.

To ensure that clients can rely upon the service this agency provides, candidates are rigorously tested for the necessary knowledge and skills which will allow them to provide the competent and professional service that clients should expect. The agency has a candidate database with over five thousand professionals, allowing them to quickly match appropriate individuals with clients’ requirements. This agency can save time for both clients and candidates. For clients, this enormous database eliminates the processes of advertising, interviewing, recruiting, and more, which can be time-consuming and put a strain on existing staff whilst you seek an individual appropriate for the empty role. For candidates, this occupational health recruitment agency presents opportunities which cannot be found elsewhere, with over eight hundred companies as clients. Access to unadvertised and exclusive jobs is just one of the perks of using this agency; along with the expertise of its founders and staff at your disposal.

You may be a potential client with occupational health jobs in need of filling with skilled and knowledgeable individuals, or a talented OH professional looking for a new job within your specialist area, but whichever it is: trust this agency to bring together opportunities and answers, providing staffing solutions and exclusive opportunities in occupational health.

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