The Dragons’ Den’s unacceptable offer

It was shocking to hear a businessman offer to buy a baby girl from her poor parents in flood-stricken Pakistan this year. The well-known ‘Dragons’ Den’ celebrity, James Caan, was in Pakistan on a mission to find a stricken village to help after the dreadful flooding that devastated the region. Amidst the turmoil of excitement and publicity he made this foolish offer on TV on behalf of his childless brother. Undoubtedly the heart-break of being childless is difficult to cope with, but the solution is not to buy a baby in this inappropriate off the cuff way.

This incident does illustrate the lengths to which some people will go to have children and the strong emotions that can be unleashed. There are more reasonable avenues to explore and the help of a fertility clinic is one of the surest routes to successful conception. A reputable fertility clinic gives the best antenatal care, including all the usual pregnancy scans and there is nothing ‘off the cuff’ about the treatment and advice given. Total confidentiality is assured and treatments are carried out with discretion and skill.

A fertility clinic is just the start of family life and it is the subsequent years of child-rearing leading to the raising of secure, confident independent young people that is the goal of all parents. A balanced approach is crucial and all parents whether ‘natural’ or ‘adoptive’ would agree. The novelist Neil Gaiman spoke about the ‘tragedy of parenting’ with regards to raising children; because if you are successful in raising happy independent children they will want to make their own way in the world and so your success is that they leave you.

At Innermost Secrets, we are here to help you take those first uncertain steps on the road to your happy family.

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